The proposal!

I suggested it and he said “let’s do it” and we ran off to the Justice of the Peace!  It was super intimate just me, my hubby and my bestie Brandi Cain. The coordinating colors were purely on accident! Wedding cake was from Sam’s Club.  It tasted great, from the small piece I got before it got knocked off the table by accident.

The second ceremony came about, because Wesley my husband really wasn’t happy with getting married, at the justice of the peace. He wanted a more traditional ceremony; unfortunately I’m anything but, “traditional”.

It was time to plan a spectacular

traditional Nontraditional wedding!

Here comes the bling! So anyone that knows me knows I love the bling!  So my veil and wedding dress would need to reflect my sparkling personality with lots of bling!

My Lace and Crystal wedding veil was from Shelby Ashley Bridal Fashions and it was stunning! It had crystals so you know I was in love. It had beautiful high quality crystals and lace that went so well with my wedding dress, tiara and jewelry.  It’s safely tucked away in the box it was sent in.  I didn’t want a plain veil. I refused to get one of those bridal shop run of the mill veils with the fake crystals running along the edge of veil-that most brides get stuck with. Not to mention the prices on those things are ridiculous.

I got several compliments on my wedding veil.  I really wish I had gotten better pictures of the two of them together. The few pictures I have don’t do it justice. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this Lace and Crystal wedding veil. I still haven’t seen one like it. I would definitely send any bride to Hilary with Shelby Ashley Bridal Fashions, before I let them go near a cookie cutter veil. Brides spend months picking out the perfect wedding dress; the veil should be equally as special. I got the same feeling seeing my veil for the first time that I got when I first saw my dress. Every bride deserves that feeling about every aspect of her wedding not just her dress. 

Who was the designer of your wedding gown? I had three wedding dresses for the wedding day-because I’m wildly indecisive.

The first dress was for the ceremony was made by Linvina Bridal, she was awesome!  She literally made my dress from scratch. I gave her a ton of changes to her original design, but she accommodated each one with ease.  I had my dress in six weeks from overseas.  You can’t tell by the photo, but the dress and train are massive.  I can’t speak highly enough of her. She even sent pictures of my dress in progress, to make sure I liked it.  If you have a dream wedding dress in mind, Linwu can make it happen and at a really amazing price. 

I also had made Swarovsky Crystal appliques for my straps, and upper bodice, the easiest way to add beautiful bling to a high end wedding dress.  Helen with Helen Enox Fabrics was great to work with. 

Saved my Wedding! I gave Linwu the wrong measurements, trying to air on the side of caution. The dress was so elaborate and huge NO ONE WOULD DO ALTERATIONS ON IT!  I found Costume Gallery Newport Masquerade and Theatrical kind of by accident. They were the nicest bunch of people you ever could meet. I showed up a week till my wedding, needing MAJOR alterations to a very heavily beaded dress. They had to install a hook higher up in the ceiling to work on it. I wouldn’t have even have been upset, if they had told me “they couldn’t get it done in time”….but they did!  They rocked it. They did it all by hand, because of the beads, and crystals. I tried my dress on after the alterations and cried. I was happy with the dress from the beginning, but I gave the lady who made it- measurements that were way too big. I thought “better it be too big, than too small”. Linwu would have fixed it….but I just didn’t have time to send it back to with the wedding so close. The error was completely my fault.

This brings me to my next piece of advice unless you are skilled at measuring yourself GET A PROFESSIONAL TO DO IT!  If you do that, and you order from Linwu you won’t be disappointed. If you should find yourself needing a few adjustments Costume Gallery Newport Masquerade and Theatrical is the place to go. They even rent Steel hoops for the larger dresses. The bridal shops normally don’t carry the large steel ones. I can’t sing their praises enough. 

Second Wedding Dress was the strapless dress I had on during the reception.

Third Wedding Dress was a light up dress; I wanted to surprise my guest with during our first dance. However fate had other plans, I left the battery at home so I had to leave that one out of the equation.

Kid’s formal wear The boys wore black shirts and pants with different color bowties with matching suspenders and gym shoes.  I made my youngest daughter flower girl dress with beautiful multi-color flowers all over the dress.  She wore an adorable tiara with colorful beads to match her dress that I had made for her by Merritt Gade.   My older daughter wore a black dress with splashes of color made by One and Only Outfits, once the ceremony was over her younger sister changed into a matching dress.

Where was this fabulous ceremony held? On a perfect summer day at Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast on this gorgeous sprawling farm Wesley and I said our I-Do’s surrounded by my 9 beautiful children Meeshyelle, Mikhyah, Qurio, Sabeyon, Randy, Zharee’, Ellazulle, Christian, Zanerra, family and loved ones.

Theresa, the owner of at Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast, will make sure all goes as planned; they even helped entertain my kids while I got the details together.  They have all-inclusive weddings that you literally just show up to.  Theresa also provided a decorating company and they were awesome to work with.  I’m not much for the rustic look, so I wanted to incorporate as much color as possible into the event center so I ordered hundreds of Chinese lanterns from Oriental trading Co. Unfortunately that was the only thing the decorators didn’t have,It’s a small town, and I don’t think many people request lanterns, leave it to me. Our centerpieces were by Edible Arrangements this way our guests had something to snack on while waiting for us to make our entrance.

We had the whole house to ourselves, and our guests. It was wonderful. The farm was ours to swim, fish, visit the animals…or just relax.

The only advice I have for renting the whole Inn and having a large wedding is to make sure you book your rooms at the nearby hotel. The inn accommodates quite a few people, but most likely you will need the hotel as well.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? Well I have 9 children and full time job. I literally planned and paid for my wedding myself. I had all these crazy ideas on paper. I had no idea if they were going to work. The little country town in Brandenburg, Kentucky we got married in thought I was out of my mind. They had never heard of an upside down wedding cake hanging from the ceiling or the video invites. So, when I finally got to see my whole vision in real life, and how well it all came together I was happy beyond belief, that I had put together this day, that was unique to me, and my family. There will never be another day, just like that day; and I was responsible for it.

By the way I have to give credit to cake stickers. Without them…i would have been unable to have my upside down hanging cake. They make a system, that makes even the most inexperienced baker able to create one. The lady who baked my cake-had never even heard of a chandelier cake. She loved them cake stacker system so much, after using it that one time…she bought it from me on the spot(after the wedding). They are awesome. They answer all of your questions, and help you get the right system to achieve the cake you want. And don’t worry…The cake is super stable. 








Did you have any traditions or family heirlooms for your wedding, if yes what were they? Honestly I’m not really a “traditional” person; however I did decide to make my Lace and Crystal wedding veil and bouquet heirlooms for my children since they are one of kind pieces.  My daughter shares my love for “bling” so she has called dibs on the Lace and Crystal wedding veil for her wedding, she’s only 16-so hopefully that’s a ways off. 

What was the most important thing to you and husband on your wedding day? Just being able to have our family and friends there to celebrate with us on such an amazing day!








What was your favorite picture captured on your wedding day? Probably the picture of my wedding dress that my daughter took, it was made just for me and there’s not another like it. Seeing it in real life was amazing. I really felt like a princess.

What advice do you have for brides on their wedding day? Don’t sweat the small stuff. If the day doesn’t go exactly as planned it’s OK. Your family and friends are there to celebrate your love for each other, eat cake, and party. Your guests really aren’t concerned about the details so don’t worry if the little things don’t turn out as planned.