Stephen and Kathy Evens were in love and decided to tie the knot on October 31, 1981 – not even really thinking about it being Halloween day. They just wanted to be with each other for the rest of their life! Stephen was 19, a private in the Army and Kathy was 18.  Money was tight so they put on their finest clothing and went to the justice of the peace’s house to get married.  With no family or friends present the judge’s maid was their witness. This beautiful marriage grew over the years and was blessed with three children two boys and one girl.  What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary every year than taking your kids trick-or-treating and watching them enjoy celebrating Halloween.

Kathy did wish she’d had her family and friends there on her wedding day along with a few finishing touches.  20 years later, Kathy’s wish came true with the help of her friend Joey and Dusty Grzbowski.  Joey and Dusty were throwing a Halloween party!  Kathy and the Grzbowskis decided to trick Steve with the wedding vow renewal at the Halloween party. Kathy flew in Stephen’s mother and their children for the vow renewal and had them hiding out.  Kathy even had a brilliant way to get Steve to wear a suit for the wedding vow renewal; they dressed up as the Blues Brothers for the Halloween party.  After a while Kathy snuck off and got dressed in a Tea length wedding gown along with all the finishing touches.  Joey asked all the guests at the party to come into another room and introduced her friend that was dressed up as a minister, who actually was one.  The wedding march song started playing. Stephen started looking around the room. He saw his mother and children and was completely shocked, but was still oblivious to what was happening. Everyone kept pointing at the beautiful bride. Stephen was completely caught off guard as he saw his wife walking towards him. Surrounded by their loved ones and friends, they renewed their wedding vows on their 20th wedding anniversary.  This Halloween Stephen and Kathy celebrate 35 years of marriage!

Wedding dress by Celia Grace