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DaVinci Prom Style #71827


The ultimate in high fashion, this two-piece mermaid gown is as one of a kind as you can find. The high neck bodice is cut as a modified halter with a mandarin-style collar. Starburst lines of sequins follow the lines of the top with a curlicue accent of contrasting beadwork that creates a pointed bib both front and back and also a pendant look at center front. Stretch taffeta hugs your hips in classic mermaid style from the waist to the knee. From there, panels of fabric are attached at equally spaced points all around and open into waterfall waves to the floor-length hem. And if you think you've seen the lines of this skirt "somewhere before" you're right. For the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Philipines wore a deep blue dress with a very similar pleated mermaid design!

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